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European Endurance Championship 2015

September 11 - 13, 2015 Slovakia


Distance per day

Event CEI4* Hold times
Number of phases km Into a hold (minutes)of
1 40 40
2 30 40
3 40 50
4 30 50
5 20 Into finish
total KM 160  
starting time 12.09.   6:00  

FEI European Endurance Championship 2015

Všetky kone na Majstrovstvtvá Európy vo vytrvalosti musia byť ustajnené najneskôr do 11.9.2015, 12:00 hod.

All horses competing in the FEI European Endurance Championship 2015 must by stabled until September 11,2015, 12:00 a.m. the latest.

FEI European Endurance Championship 2015

The stables will be open from September 7th 2015, and if some riders will need to come earlier please don’t forget to contact us directly before you come to Samorin.
We would like to ask all riders to have all documents (passports, coggins test) with the horses in the truck. The horses will not be allowed to go to the stables without controlling the passports and the negative results of the coggins test.
If there is a request to bring another horse for Master´s Energy Tour together with the horse for the European Endurance Championship, please inform us in advance (we can offer to you a tack box, the price will be 30,-EUR per day + price for bedding and hay).
Dogs are allowed only on leash. No motorbikes or another motor vehicles are allowed inside the venue. We recommend you to bring bicycles.